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The IAME publishes a quarterly Newsletter. The Newsletter is distributed electronically and is available in the members area of the website. Each issue is stored in PDF format which can be accessed with the Adobe Acrobat reader.

IAME membership includes full on-line access to our two associated journals Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) and Maritime Policy and Management (MPM), including all current and past issues in pdf format. Access to the journals is given electronically online.

Publish your article or your event in IAME’s Newsletter and reach more than 500 members interested in maritime and maritime-related issues.

Last, but not least: IAME members have the opportunity to attend the annual IAME conference, a well-established international event and a valuable opportunity to interact with senior and experienced researchers and practitioners.

Membership fees are payable upfront for the running calendar year. For payment details please contact

55 €

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80 €

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Corporate - (for 5 individuals)
500 €

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(For 5 Individuals)

Individual 1 year
130 €

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Individual 2 year
240 €

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Individual 3 year
330 €

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