Maritime Economics & Logistics, Volume 20, Issue 3

Maritime Economics & LogisticsVolume 20 Number 3 is now available online.

In this issue:

Dos and don’ts of scholarly publishing (part II)

, by Hercules E. Haralambides,  pages 321-326

Original Articles

Modeling ocean, rail, and truck transportation flows to support policy analysis

, by Hao Wang, Linda Nozick,Ningxiong Xu,Jared Gearhart, pages 327-357


A binary probit model to analyze freight transportation decision-maker perspectives for container shipping on the Northern Sea Route
Irina V. Benedyk, Srinivas Peeta,  pages 358-374

Long-term dynamics of shipping and icebreaker capacity along the Northern Sea Route

, Tuomas Kiiski, Tomi Solakivi, Juuso Töyli, Lauri Ojala, pages 375-399

Modelling the global maritime container network

, Yanni Huang, Taha Hossein Rashid Lauren Gardner, pages 400-420

A common long-term trend for bulk shipping prices, 

Javier Población, Gregorio Serna, pages 421-432

Does more competition result in better port performance?

, SangHyun Cheon, Dong-Wook Song,Sungjin Park, pages 433-455


The effect of distance on cargo flows: a case study of Chinese imports and their hinterland destinations, Likun Wang, Anne Goodchild,Yong Wang, pages 456-475

Determining the influential factors of dry port operations: worldwide experiences and empirical evidence from Malaysia, 

Jagan Jeevan, Shu-Ling Chen, Stephen Cahoon, pages 476-494