The Maritime Economist

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The MARITIME ECONOMIST (ME-MAG) is the official magazine of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME). Its aims to create an active platform for merging academic studies with practice. It serves as a promotion stand for scholars, policymakers, and industrial practitioners in the industry. 

In this way, it motivates and encourages both IAME and non-IAME members to express their studies in plain language in line with the interests of policymakers and practitioners. Also, it encourages experts in the maritime industry to share knowledge and experiences about emerging topics, challenging issues, and rising problems.

ME-MAG covers (but not limited to) the following topics:
    Economics of maritime transportation 
    Port governance, competition, utilization, and other related issues
    Management, leadership, and strategies in the maritime sector
    Arctic shipping and development
    Maritime policy and governance
    Climate change adaptation and resilience in the maritime sector
    Sustainability and environmental issues in the maritime sector
    Maritime geography and spatial analysis
    Behavioral science, marketing, and human factors
    Risk and business continuity management in the maritime sector
    Intermodal transportation, logistics, and global supply chains
    Safety related issues in the maritime industry
    Finance, asset management, and investments

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