Call for Nominations – 2022 IAME President and Council Elections.

Dear IAME Members,                                                                                                                                                                                        May 23, 2022

The 2022 is an election year at the IAME. 

In line with the IAME Constitution (available via the IAME Website), a Nomination Committee was formed, which came up with the following  first shortlist of nominations for Council and President. The list, that refers solely to IAME members already serving at the Council of the Association or its Executive is as follows:

  1. Adolf Ng
  2. Dong Yang
  3. Elisabeth Lindstad
  4. Elvira Haezendonck
  5. Gordon Wilmsmeier
  6. Geoffrey Mwango
  7. Harilaos Psaraftis
  8. Larisa van der Lugt
  9. Manolis Kavussanos
  10. Peggy Chen


None of the Council members has yet indicated whether she/he would like to stand for President, but it is worth knowing that

this might be declared up and including the final day of the nominations.


We are now at the stage where we give the opportunity to all IAME members to nominate people for Council and President.  You may also nominate yourself. You can only nominate IAME members.


In case you like to make nominations, you can do so until June 15th 2022, by sending the names of the nominees for

Council and / or President to the Nomination Committee: Jan Hoffmann,,

Thanos Pallis (,  and Michael Dooms (


After closing the nominations list we will seek agreement from nominees so that we can finalize the list of candidates for Council and President.


The full timetable for the 2022 IAME elections is as follows:
1. JUNE 15: End of nomination round / seeking agreement from nominees and finalize list of candidates for Council and President;
3. JULY 10: Send out the final list of candidates for Council and President to all IAME members including short bios of candidates;
4. JULY 15 to SEPTEMBER 10: Online voting (access to the online voting system will be granted after member login on the IAME website);
5. SEPTEMBER 14 & SEPTEMBER 15 (15:00, Busan, Korea time): Οpportunity for IAME members who have not voted yet and attend the IAME 2022 Conference to vote using ballots;
6. SEPTEMBER 15 in the late afternoon/evening: Announcement of the election results during the IAME 2022 Conference.

Kind Regards,

The Nomination Committee

Thanos Pallis, IAME President
Jan Hoffmann, IAME Emeritus President
Michael Dooms, IAME Council Member