IAME President and Council Elections 2020

Dear IAME members and colleagues,

As you are aware IAME members elect bi-annually a new Council and President.  The year 2020 is an election year.

Following the call by the Nomination Committee in early May, we received nominations for Council and President candidates. Those nominated were contacted by the Secretariat, asking to confirm their willingness to stand for election.


We have now a final list of one (1) Candidate for the Presidency and sixteen (23) candidates for the IAME Council.

Follow the link to find a short bio note of each nominee for IAME Council and President.

The Candidate for the IAME Presidency is:

  • Athanasios (Thanos) PALLIS

The Candidates for IAME Council members are (by alphabetical order):

  • Adolf Ng
  • Assunta di Vaio
  • Beatriz Tovar
  • Dirk Max Johns
  • Dong Yang
  • Elizabeth Lindstad
  • Elvira Haezendonck
  • Geoffrey Ngombo
  • Giovanni Satta
  • Gordon Wilmsmeier
  • Haiying Jia
  • Harilaos N. Psaraftis
  • Larisa van der Lugt
  • Lourdes Trujillo Castellano
  • Manolis Kavussanos
  • Michaël Dooms
  • Mustapha El Khayat
  • Paul Tae-Woo Lee
  • Peggy Chen
  • René Taudal Poulsen
  • Ricardo J. Sanchez
  • Roar Os Adland
  • Venus Lun

Voting Timetable

According to the timetable set by the President and the Council, the voting schedule is as follows:

Online voting (access to the online voting system is granted after member login on the IAME website)  ​

 JUNE 01  to JUNE 11  Online voting (access to the online voting system is granted after member login on the IAME website)
 JUNE 12

(in the late afternoon/evening)

Announcement of the election results

 On-line vote Instructions:

From the morning of June 01, 2020 (12:00 Central US Time) all IAME members are able to vote electronically. The option will remain active until the morning of June 11, 2020 (12:00 Central US Time). Due to circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic, only electronic vote will take place for the IAME 2020 election.

The steps for voting are as follows:

1. Log-in to the Members’ Area.

 In case you have any issues with your log-in details (username and password), please contact the webmaster at webmaster@mar-economists.org or at secretariat@mar-economists.org

  2. On the right Members’ menu the IAME President and Council Elections 2020 tab appears
3. Choose the IAME Elections 2020 menu and find the four options that are offered:

A. IAME Presidential and Council Elections 2020 to find a. the candidates, b. the elections timetable and c. instructions on how to vote.

B. IAME President Elections 2020 Candidates, with information on the candidates for the Presidency as well as their statements is available.

C. IAME Council Elections 2020 Candidates, with information on the candidates for the Council is available.

D. Vote Here, to be directed to the page where you can vote.



 4.Fill-in all form fields: Title, Name, Last Name, University/ Organisation, Email. A. For the Presidential elections, you have the choice to vote for ONE (1) candidate or for Abstention.

B. For the Council Members elections, you can cast a MAXIMUM of TEN (10) votes.

C. After you vote for the President and the Council Members you should click the VOTE button at the bottom of the page in order to have your vote counted.

What to do if I need more information?

For website and on-line voting issues contact:

Dr. Cassia Galvao, IAME Webmaster at: webmaster@mar-economists.org