Maritime Economics & Logistics, Vol. 21, Issue 1

Maritime Economics & Logistics Volume 21 Issue 1 is now available online.

In this issue

Original Articles



Gigantism in container shipping, ports and global logistics: a time-lapse into the future

Hercules E. Haralambides ,Pages 1-60


Evaluating the external costs of trailer transport: a comparison of sea and road

Inge Vierth, Victor Sowa, Kevin Cullinane Pages 61-78


The Nicaragua Canal: potential impact on international shipping and its attendant challenges

Jihong Chen, Theo Notteboom, Xiang Liu, Hang Yu, Nikitas Nikitakos, Chen Yang, Pages 79-98


Dynamics in terminal concessions: the role of performances

Claudio Ferrari, Pier Paolo Puliafito, Alessio Tei, Pages 99-110


Ship routing and scheduling: the cart before the horse conjecture

Harilaos N. Psaraftis, Pages 111-124


Optimization of truck appointments in container terminals

Xiaoju Zhang, Qingcheng Zeng, Zhongzhen Yang Pages 125-145


Using GPS to measure truck service times in a container terminal

John J. Bartholdi III, Alvaro Lasso, H. Donald Ratliff, Yuritza Oliver, Pages 146-155