IAME 2022 Membership Renew

Dear IAME members and colleagues,

A gentle reminder that membership registration for 2022 and beyond is now available.

If you already renewed and paid your membership, please disregard this message.

Follow the link https://www.iame.ac/ to find the new membership fees scheme, choose the most

preferable and register or renew your IAME membership.

Please note that multi-year membership registration is also available. All memberships will result in:

  • Electronic Access to all current and past issues of the two IAME associated
  • scholarly journals Maritime Policy and Management (MPM), and Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL).
  • Enjoy free access to members section.
  • Registration for IAME2022 Conference & IAME regional events at a preferential rate.
  • Receive in time all other benefits.



  1. IAME membership includes full on-line access to our two associated journals Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) and Maritime Policy and Management (MPM), including all current and past issues in pdf format.
  2. In line with the unanimous decision of the Council, all members will need to renew by using their credit card, as the bank transfer option is no longer available. In the exceptional case that a bank transfer forms the only mean of payment available, the member renewing its membership will have to pay any additional charges that are applied.
  3. Student membership: Those applying for “student” membership need to accompany their application with a letter validating their student status; the letter needs to be sent to IAME Secretariat (secretariat@mar-economists.org) in order to conclude the membership and provide access to all benefits.
  4. Corporate membership: Each Corporate member can nominate five and more (5) individuals as IAME members; each of them will receive access to the associated journals and all associated benefits with IAME membership.

In the case that you experience any difficulties please contact: IAME Secretariat at secretariat@mar-economists.org.


On behalf of the AME Secretariat

Kind Regards,

Joan Mileski

IAME Treasurer